The first 100% digital booking system for shipping containers is launched today

HelloContainer focuses on less CO2 emissions in Dutch shipping

Where intermediaries were previously needed, exporters can now arrange all container transport themselves. From A to Z, within a few clicks and with more sustainable choices. After all, Dutch shipping causes more CO2 emissions than all cars in our country combined. For this reason, HelloContainer today launches the first digital shipping platform that focuses on entrepreneurs who want to achieve sustainable goals. “With the arrival of HelloContainer, we want to show that it is possible to make shipping cleaner. Additionally, a lot of money can be saved. Exporters see all providers and routes within 30 seconds and easily prepare customs documents themselves. ”- Jos de Jonge, co-founder of HelloContainer.

A clean(er) air
Not everyone is aware of the fact that container ships are very polluting. One container ship emits as much CO2 every year as 28,000 cars. HelloContainer works closely with The European Institute of Transport and Living Environment to offer its customers transparency. In addition to a complete overview with regard to prices, sailing schedules and quality of the providers, HelloContainer also shows the amount of CO2. In this way, HelloContainer encourages its customers to make more sustainable choices, to work together on a clean air and ocean.

Fruit and vegetable sector
In addition to cleaner air, HelloContainer makes the process digital and manageable. The platform digitises all administrative actions. From drawing up quotations to making export documents. “Experience so far shows that exporters save at least 20% on their logistics costs.” – Jos de Jonge. HelloContainer has been in development for three years and had pilot customers in the fresh produce sector. This industry was chosen because it is one of the most difficult sectors due to refrigerated containers (reefers) and inspection bodies. HelloContainer has been shown to offer many benefits to exporters in the fresh produce sector, including higher quote scoring rates and cheaper and faster work.

About HelloContainer
HelloContainer is the first 100% digital booking system for containers, which both saves a lot of money and contributes to a cleaner world. By being transparent about the amount of CO2 emissions, HelloContainer creates awareness and encourages sustainable(er) choices.
Together towards a clean air and ocean!

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