Reducing CO2 in shipping?

Shipping to and from the Netherlands emits more carbon dioxide than all passenger cars in the Netherlands together. Our mission is to lower our shipping footprint.

Our mission

Our mission is with transparency changing the sea container industry

We are on the way to cleaner Dutch shipping. No, it is not easy to change today’s industry. At present, Dutch shipping is still as polluting as trucking in our country.

Therefore, the first step is awareness about this disturbing fact. We encourage exporters to make (more) sustainable choices, to contribute to a better environment. You can read how we do this in our corporate story.

Save CO2 on export containers?


Kg CO2 reduced


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Of our 2022 goal

Compare CO2 emissions

Based on data from the European Organisation for Transport and Living Environment, we calculate how much emissions your container would cause. This way you can easily choose the smallest footprint.

Achieve sustainable goals

With the dashboards in our container booking system you have direct insight into how much you save in euros and in CO2 emissions.

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