Why Dayseaday also chooses HelloContainer

Dayseaday Group is a leading trading partner in fresh and frozen fish products, located on the former island of Urk, the fish center of Europe. Since July, Dayseaday Frozen B.V. has been using HelloContainer for exporting frozen fish.

Taking control in their own hands

Arie Roth, Logistics & Sales Manager of Dayseaday Frozen B.V., explains why they started using HelloContainer. “Last year, there was a lot of unrest in the market, prices were rising, and the regular line with the forwarder was not working as efficiently as before. We also wanted to take more control in our own hands. Therefore, we started looking for alternatives and had been in contact with Jos from HelloContainer for a while.”

Insight into the shipment’s footprint

“Since July, we have sent several shipments through HelloContainer, and it has been working very well. We book containers ourselves on the platform, and you get a clear overview of the entire process. You have the ability to compare providers based on price, speed, and CO2 emissions. As we consider sustainable and responsible business practices important, we are very pleased with the insight we get into the footprint of our shipments. That played an important role in our decision to choose HelloContainer.”

“We are absolutely enthusiastic and positive about the platform and definitely plan to keep using it!”

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