HelloContainer Emergo Innovatieprijs

Emergo Innovation Award 2020

As HelloContainer, we are very proud of the nomination for the Emergo Innovation Award 2020. We started just 2 years ago and with our booking platform we already have 1 of the 5 most innovative services in Zeeland.

Our platform will turn the world of container booking upside down. A unique formula of transparency, efficiency and convenience make our platform unique. Users are guaranteed more fun at work, a serious contribution to a more liveable world and a lower integral cost price per container.

Ambitious as we are, we would also like to win this title of course. If you are not yet sure what we do, check out our movie.
If you are already convinced of our innovative strength, then vote for HelloContainer via https://www.emergo-innovatieprijs.nl/nl/stemmen

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