Booking containers with HelloContainer, Kingfish is doing it too!

Kingfish is a sustainable fish farm located in Zeeland, the Netherlands. This rapidly growing company specializes in Yellowtail, a fish species originally from the Pacific. The fish farm uses water pumped from the Eastern Scheldt, which is then purified and heated. They rely solely on sustainable energy to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. The fish are raised indoors in a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), and the process is entirely free of antibiotics. Yellowtail is a luxury fish species and a sustainable alternative to tuna, sold worldwide. While the sales within Europe are done through road transport, Kingfish uses HelloContainer for booking containers to ship their products to America.

A fantastically transparent platform

“HelloContainer is a fantastic platform where you can book a container with just one click,” says Petra Ruiter, Supply Chain Manager at Kingfish. “You have the freedom of choice as the platform provides options with varying costs and loading and unloading times. You can always see the location of the ship, when your cargo is loaded, the delivery date, or if there are any delays in the ports. You never have to wait for information. It’s a great way to have transparent handling of your shipments.”

It saves a lot of time

HelloContainer allows you to manage the entire container transport process from A to Z, eliminating the need for intermediaries and piles of paperwork. Petra also recognizes the benefits for Kingfish’s logistics department. “It saves an incredible amount of time and takes the burden off our department. Virtually everything is arranged through the platform. Customs documentation is all done automatically from HelloContainer, and you can create an export declaration within 3 minutes!”

Making an impact together

Sustainability is a top priority at Kingfish, with the goal of working with 100% sustainable energy. The farm has a solar roof, uses wind energy, and employs heat exchangers. “We want to deliver the most sustainable product possible, from start to finish. It begins with the cultivation and care of our broodstock and extends all the way to our customers, including the transportation. With HelloContainer, we have insight into the CO2 emissions of our shipments. The more we export, the more important this becomes,” Petra explains.

Confidence in the partnership

During the first meeting with Kees and Jos from HelloContainer, Petra gained confidence in the collaboration and the platform. “I was promised full insight into everything, and that’s exactly what I got! The quick responsiveness of all HelloContainer employees is excellent. They truly think along with you. You are not just a number but a company that is growing rapidly, and they grow along with you. I see the potential, and we will definitely continue using HelloContainer!”

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