Twice as much work with the same number of people, that’s what The Swaen achieved with HelloContainer!

The Swaen, a malt house located in Kloosterzande, Zeeland, successfully managed to double their production with the help of HelloContainer. They produce malt for craft breweries and major brands like Gulpener, exporting it to customers in the Benelux as well as South America, North America, and Asia. Niek Versluis, Manager Customer Relations, explains why they chose HelloContainer.

Efficiency thanks to HelloContainer

“Our company is experiencing significant growth. Just this year, we have doubled our production. Therefore, we looked into how to organize our departments to cope with the increased workload. One of the options was to improve efficiency, and that’s what our logistics team accomplished by using HelloContainer. Now, with the same number of people, we can do twice the work.”

Booking containers in a few clicks

“Previously, we used to call agents and transporters ourselves to arrange transportation. Sometimes, for a single shipment, we had to contact up to five different parties, which was very time-consuming. HelloContainer’s platform combines everything in one place. With just a few clicks, you can book a container and arrange both the pre- and post-transport. It saves us a lot of time, eliminating the need for constant phone calls and emails.”

Connected to the platform within a month

“While searching for a solution to work more efficiently, we found HelloContainer through Google. We were immediately enthusiastic and liked the idea of collaborating with another Zeeland-based company. Within a month of our first contact, we were connected to the platform and able to book containers. The service provided by HelloContainer is excellent. They assist you promptly and truly think along with you. This makes a significant difference compared to dealing with other agents.”

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